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Why a picture of the rising sea? THE THREAT the incredible power of the tsunamis and the surges – inundation, death and destruction in low-lying areas, even flooding London – yet with a ring-fenced MECHANISM a flow of funds (from where we started inputting to Earth Policy Institute, UK-Cabinet Office and Stern Review). SUGGESTION: A) Some CB money for a widespread certain case such as Thorough Enveloping and Solar-Warmth underfloor Stores rapidly up to 1 m homes amd buildings p.a. – including a positive-revenue Green-deal Credit Money Creation Charge (CMCC) Proposal with EndOfTerm Cancellation making THOROUGH GREEN-ER DEAL AFFORDABLE WITHOUT ANY NEED FOR GRANT:

SECONDLY in parallel – ET PROPOSAL WAS SUGGESTED. Legitimately a slice can be justifiable off the importers and middlemen’s resale (sometime 10-times) value to them justifies an eco-slice to public purse in halved and returned to eco-needs in each of the trading countries. Helping to mitigate “False Value” according to Andrew Wales, author of Big Business, Big Responsibility when one considers job losses from the offshoring, increased transport, resulting noise, pollution, possible future resource shortages, overpopulation of areas, loss of indigeonous habitats, loss of forests, loss of variety, etc. Global issues highlighted by STEERglobal Group as long ago as 2006. In 2020, this slice could be part of adjusting VAT down, then bringing ET alongside as it is grown back to a total of 20% = 10+10. THAT ring-fenced could be for the very big projects such as barrages that even UK-London would struggle to fund. WE THEN COMMITTED further THOUGHT OVER MONEY:

REDUCE MONEY – REDUCE CONSUMPTION, simply because £1.00 THROUGH THE CASH TILL OR PAYPACKET = 1LB (0.45KG) APPROX CO2 INTO ATMOSPHERE! So a typical “earner” is putting 15 tonnes up – ouch! [said Greenpeace lady]. How to fix: the post-Covid op.? Get to 20+20+20 = 60% economies globally after the initial learning-curve “bounce-back”. It’s everyone’s job, to get down to 60% of what they used in the “developed” (some would say Over-developed in a sedentary (sitting, coccooned in cars and houses – sense: underskilled, the amorphous clone-town) “economies.” Since the 1970s and post-war austerity, not really economical. So feel free to phone for ideas on what ‘dig for britain’ and some of the 40% saved could do and how to get better eco-returns from savings on buildings, lighter-stroger-warmer foundations, trade in imports and money-creation – Greenwood Structures +44(0)7702 569 077 – see also “Eco-Fit dream home design” GreenRWorks.

From 2017 onwards we’ve been promoting the idea that a GreenER Deal COULD SAVE MASSES of Gas and Oil in US-UK-EU via Eco-Fit. Saving on use of OIL in burners in country areas, saving water, saving gas and electricity in boilers in cities which could then be on standby as with our Natural Airconditioning Enlightenment move. With ECO-FIT – boilers are for bathwater or standby for very cold weather, with just central underfloor warming (pre-warming water, saves water) – not even needing full ground floor replacement. If the Central Bank or Commercially-created money (made non-repayable money – for such special climate-emergency purposes) could be made regulated in such a way. Still profitable for banks at 1% return on 20-year contracts, just sending out the statements. That would improve on the old Green Deal and make the Savings on a typical energy bill – being at least £600.00 – more than equal to the Eco-Fit interest (for example on the whole cost of a THOROUGH ENVELOPE about £40k at 1.5%). That is £600 p. a. [Fixed-rate, and £200 of it returned – see below]. So with No repayment necessary, affordable and no grant needed for a comprehensive investment and no duplication of scaffolding: (Mervyn King when Governor of Bank of England referred to cancellation of the commercially-created money). Although this is not strictly true for mortgage money normally. Freshly-created “by normal means” is the Nuance. “Normally” such new money is “repayable” to banks as the interest on principal sums issued declines. NEW MONEY ARISING EVERY TIME “LOANS” ISSUED AT A HIGHER PROPERTY PRICE than when sold before – SO EASY TO IDENTIFY FROM RE-SELLING OF EXISTING PROPERTY. This is treated as real money as if savings of depositors, repayable, so interest declines – YET IS NEW “CREDIT” MONEY. So normally mortgage-takers are making payments approx the same over a typical 20-year contract. Because the new greenER funds would be only for the special eco-fit anti-climate-change purposes, it could be perfectly possible with a regulatory rule change to quickly implement fixed-rate and be an “irredeemable” as Martin Wolf Financial Times confirms, mechanism (avoiding any fears of runaway inflation). Stimulating rapid success but taking, UK-wide 40 years, help averting the ACTUAL climate emergency. Possibly starting in UK’s Midlands. [Meanwhile in Covid-panic terms banks could generously waive interest until businesses/householder incomes return to at least 60%.] A recipe for stability and up to 500,000 job simple hand-skill jobs in a new industry making External Wall Insulation doubly efficient by eliminating wind suction at roof level and floor levels.

Similarly during Covid type events, landlords could be required to waive lease payments/rent as both banks and owners too have comparatively low overheads, especially those enjoying full-repairing lease from those renting. Bank activities are very secure with money-creation in good times. High capital buffers. Bank activities need to be closely examined for value-for-money considering they are getting marked-up prices repaid FOR THE LAND AS WELL. That money-creation – in the £100bn to £200 billions (and beyond) region – is a lot of free money in good years. Devolves to CB and QE in emergency situations under Treasury and international guidance, economics, etc. BUT AS YET no Treasury/regulators’ instruction on regulated purpose-driven low-interest and cancellation (in certain cases such as Thorough Enveloping and Solar-Warming Stores) appears forthcoming. Looking ahead – forward guidance should become forward action to get the climate emergency under control [see also ET proposal prepared for Treasury- BofE and Institution of Civil Engineers/NewCivilEngineer as a COMPLEMENTARY SUBJECT – a possible barrage-funding Eco-Slice providing the money for them bilaterally to countries such a India-Bangladesh.]

SUMMARY : Immediate emphasis on 1.5 % “20-year” non-repayable money at fixed rates for ultra-special purposes if a THROUGHLY ECO-FIT result with Solar-Warmth Storage under-floor is achieved.

INNOVATIVELY that could release a slice of some of the extra created money to public purse of one-third of the interest (the 0.5% proportion initially limited to that also on mortgage money for first-time buyers). Once a level of retro-fit of a million homes per year at average £40k [if funding stream approved in this fashion] that would be £200 million to the Exchequer, £400m the next year and so on for 20 years [growing to £4bn p.a. then 20 more years at the same level of £4 bn p.a. Similarly £8 billion p.a. to the high-st banks as it grows to 20 million homes then staying level from a further 20 years as 20 million more homes and buildings improved. A very big and long job, with a higher return from the £100-200 bn. And the £40 billion only a start to a more BALANCED ECONOMY GLOBALLY (INCLUDING CHINA). UK-Treasury looks to 100,000 jobs from £3 billion [2020 Chancellor’s statement] so lets say 500,000 more-efficient UK jobs from £40 billion investment each year lasting altogether for 40 years, depending on numbers of immigrants, birthrate, etc. The (later in 2021) IT COULD BE EXTENDED TO MORTGAGE MONEY FOR FIRST-TIME BUYERS and a mortgage-money Eco-slice could form a return to local-gov replacing the diminished rate-support grant, certainly IF RING-FENCED protecting libraries and eco-education.

SEPARATELY – As suggested to Stern’s Review and Treasury Select Committee’s Expert at the time, an adjustment to trade rules could see E T Proposal split in two and half returned on each side of the trade equation for eco-means – establishing funds for bigger projects globally such as sea barriers (for example, extending Swansea Lagoon southerly to link via future-proof caissons with a similar North-Devon lagoon or a shorter one West Somerset to Wales). Such a Barrage would be a first, then East of-Thames Barrage and Freshwater storage lagoons, maybe plan for a Hong-Kong-sized hub and airport (see Sea Level Rise, Retreat, Defend of Attack) and then Simultaneously (with the other half of the first tranche of ET proposal) Bangladesh-India Bengal-Bay Barrage. These are all in comparatively shallow seas and a lot of the dredgings would be used to fill microporous bags as Foundations for SLOW-INCLINE Beaches to minimise any need for rock armour and via beaches increase amenity value (as well as the INUNDATION-PROTECTION VALUE) grenerating energy for all nearby countries. It is time to think globally, acting locally.

Simple eh? Both of them. See above to be in touch for more and better information and maybe join in as group member, promoter and/or consultant, to press government to regulate and release the high-street money, to fully understand over a few short convesations in order to elucidate and enlighten ourselves and others. ian[dot]greenwood[at]phonecoop[dot]coop. – contact for the diagrams