STEER global history among humans. “Capitalism is the most successful effort in all three areas thus far invented.” Which begs the question, how do we change a way of life that has such a long and infamous history? One answer was given I think by Francis of Assisi – imitate the life, and carry out the work of Christ, in Christ’s own way. A more secular response might be adhering to Aristotle’s golden mean, the desirable middle. And the Golden Rule – “do unto others, as you wish they’d do unto you.” From IMFBlog: “Shining a Bright Light into the Dark Corners of Weak Governance” Then we see ASDA – Sainsbury’s merger.. Government – the world over, WHERE IS THY STING? Not your role? (Intelligent Males and Females or International Monetary Fund) “not your role” to maintain competition, help fix overmuch online purchasing, gambling, sometimes overconsumption, ill-health, declining newspapers, over-digitalisation, screen addiction, lack of exercise, too much transport [of /for frivolous things] laziness? Well GET IT (that role, encourage others, regulate/educate with Government). 1. protect the daily walk to the shops (cycle, etc). 2. if driving – park one mile away – at least, if possible, allow time.. 3. to buy the best, not the cheapest, save up if necessary 4. Ban -regulate -built-to-fail 5. get a slice of of the TURNOVER/resale price off traded goods. a bigger slice off imports. 6. Also a slice off commercial-bank-created money OR LOSE IT, that quality, that is. What about the Sainsbury foundation?. What is the US doing foundation-wise?.. Regulate to protect, Protest – RISE UP to get Government going – or are they/we another set of couch potatoes? see Charts that describe how a “tweak” could fix trade, and another tweak- could fix bank money and smooth IMF’s “bumps” in 2018 onward global instead of economy benefiting speculators mainly and “unfair” [FSR team] finance operators. For charts email ian[dot]Greenwood[at] phonecoop[dot]coop – for reply – willingly.